Portable Multimedia Solutions
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Multimedia Mobile Experience

Itinerancy - The inflatable structures made by our partner BuildAir Ingeniería y Arquitectura S.A. grants to the events produced in PMS a bigger mobility due to their easy assembly and disassembly. The modular inflatable buildings have been designed with flexibility in mind and are suitable for every location. The structures are ideal for any event and can be configured to almost every need.

Different configurations and spaces are covered changing the ordering and orientation of the different inflatable modules, making it possible to form either a single inflatable building or huge large-scale inflatable facilities through the combination of different modules.

On the other hand, the seasonality generated by fixed structures disappears allowing the PMS event to move according to the market flow thus increasing the repercussion and the audience.

Interactive  -   Taking advantage of the intelligence and immersive attributes of the event, the PMS space incorporates virtual windows through out users can interact with other users that are not physically in the same space. No matter if two simultaneous events are occurring in places separate by hundreds of kilometres, participants always have a window in which they can socialize. 
PMS has the ability to stream in real time an external event through Internet in high quality and project it on the structure.  

Intelligence – The portable events incorporates the Internet of things technology developed by our partner Lyncos Technologies S.L. that makes internet-connected products and services. Through their revolutionary platform Lhings different device types are integrated and connected to each other, talking between them and creating actions and rules. Users are able to interact with the different elements of the event; changing music, lights, sharing content through projections, networking, and more. Opening a new whole of opportunities for developers to create new apps and integrate them in the smart structure. 

Immersive  PMS together with its partners Tecnologías Avanzadas para el Ocio s.l. and Eurecat are looking for the cutting-edge technologies to integrate them in the event generating an immersive space. The combination of surround image projection, led illumination, high definition cameras, three-dimensional sound and among others furnish the structure with sensors that enrich the user experience.    

  Embed Equipment

All the equipment is embedded inside the structure unnoticed by the audience, such that it must be installed, calibrated and ready to use since the structure is completely inflated. To promote itinerancy and easy installation of the equipment the cables will be permanently integrated with the structure even if it is deflated, saving time and money at the event.        

  Surround Image Projection

Tecnologías Avanzadas para el Ocio s.l. uses the curved interior of the structure to project images that creates an immerse environment. High resolution, high luminosity lamps, high performance and dual-processor projectors cover all the walls creating a 360º video. 

3-D Audio

Eurecat carries out research into acoustics and technologies for the production, post-production and exhibition of 3D audio. The 3D audio technology developed by Eurecat offers truly immersive content:

  • Sound can be placed at any point within the space. 3D audio adds a vertical dimension to speaker configurations of differing heights, which enables sound to be placed at any angle.
  • Greater realism and natural qualities. 3D audio allows for the reproduction of rich soundscapes where sounds originate at different depths in respect to the listener, along with high-fidelity 3D reverberations. Audiences can hear planes and spaceships flying above their heads and explosions and tremors beneath their feet.
  • Independence from the exhibition system. The entire production and post-production process of a 3D soundtrack is independent of the exhibition system, and as a result does not have to be completed individually for each of the systems where the 3D content is to be reproduced.