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BOAT HUT – Modular Inflatable structure for shipyard

BOAT HUT is an inflatable structure with polyester tissue cover with low pressure RF M2 PVC of 650grs/m2. The internal unit size is 8 x 10 x 7 m. When boats exceed 32 feet 5 m units are attached until reaching the length to cover.

It can be used for painting, welding, rolled up, maintenance or chemical treatments. BOAT HUT fast deployment just needs 6 hours to cover a 60ft boat.

The fixation of the structure to the ground is done with ballast (concrete, water or sand) or mechanical trucks. Both systems guarantee wind resistance up to 60 km/h with Garbi Model and 102 km/h with Tramuntana model.

We adapt the BOAT HUT design to the client needs.

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