Portable Multimedia Solutions
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Itinerant Museums
Design and build a novel portable architecture concept for itinerant museums, as a key value for the creative sector and to add a differential trademark to the permanent spaces, with functional and aesthetic integration of ICT equipment in the inflatable structure to facilitate the installation process and for better performance in terms of audio-visual and interactive offerings of the exhibition contents.

Picasso Itinerant Exibition

A modular exhibition system based on the same technology successfully used to deliver light pavilions, hangars and emergency shelters for temporary uses, easy to personalise in size and aesthetic, by adding new personalised blocs, and functionality, by scaling the equipment.
Itinerant Atapuerca Museum

A space designed taking into account to all the ICT components for the best integration in the structure, particularly the wires, loudspeakers and projectors, sensors, ect.

Interior Paintings 

Easy mobility and deployment procedures for non-ICT experts thanks to flat-pack shipping, easy assembly, and fast-customization. Cost-effective and environmentally more sustainable than other semi-permanent solutions.
Reception Bar of Atapuerca Museum