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Inflatable pavilion of CIMNE-Eurecat in SPIN 2016
Portable Multimedia Solutions S.L. has designed and built for Eurecat a light-weight pavilion formed by a collection of inflatable airtight tubes. This is the first of its kind built buy PMS. The revolutionary design and manufacture method eliminates completely air leaks, allowing the structure to remain inflated for several days without any power supply. The pavilion with a star shape allows 3D sound experiences with 25 speakers hanging from the tubes plus 3 subwoofers in the basis. 

Following the initiative of the Technical University of Catalunya (UPC), the pavilion was installed in the Spin 2016, event dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship and innovation in universities of Spain and Latin America.

The rector of UPC visited the Cimne-Eurecat pavilion in SPIN2016. From left to right: Javier Marcipar, Director of CIMNE Tecnología S.A; Esther Real, Vicerector for Technology Transfer of UPC; Enric Fossas, Rector of UPC; and Cristina Areste, Director of Innova Programme, UPC.

Panormaic view of the pavilion

Inside view of the air-tight tubes

Base of the pavilion

Interior prespective