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PMS participates in the project ‘The Zero-Gravity Band’ presented in the Sónar+D

Portable Multimedia Solutions (PMS), has participated in the artistic-scientific project “The Zero-Gravity Band (TZGB)” that has been presented last week in the Sónar+D. The Project has been conceived and conceptualized by the artists Albert Barqué-Duran and Marc Marzenit, and produced by the Quo Artis Foundation. PMS has been in charge of developing, jointly with Eurecat, a dome of 11 meters diameter with an unprecedented 3D sound characteristics.

This sound-light creation is part of the musical composition made by Marc Marzenit with a 3D sound system and has been inspired, mixed and enriched, from the creation that the musician made during a parabolic flight in a micro-gravity situation. The creation of light, designed by Playmodes based on the protocols developed by Albert Barqué-Duran, explores a series of audiovisual impulses that interact with human perception and the cognitive system in order to create floating sensations.

In addition to the company PMS, other universities and high level tecnology and scientific centres has been collaborating to make the TZGB project possible as, for example, the MIT Media Lab, the City University of London, the Royal Holloway University of London, the IED Barcelona High School of Design or Eurecat.